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Jeroen Reggers Quartet

Jeroen Reggers
// guitar & compositions

Steven Delannoye 
// tenor sax

Nicolas Thys

// bass

Gert-jan Dreessen 
// drums

Photos by Roger Vanthilt

After playing in trio with Gert-Jan and Nic for a while, Jeroen asked tenor player Steven Delannoye to join in for a session. His sound and playing suited the music perfectly, it blended beautifully with the sound of the guitar; the quartet was born!

Since that moment Jeroen has written a lot of music for this band, in which he merges his love for jazz music with influences of experimental rock bands (think Radiohead,...).

Together they bring contemporary, fresh sounding jazz music. Sometimes eclectic, other times sensitive, with a lot of space for improvisation and interpretation by some of Belgium’s finest musicians.

In October this band will be in the studio to record their first studio album. Until then you can listen to this live stream session they recorded when they started playing together.  




Jeroen Reggers Quartet Live @ Johnny Green Giant Studio

Recording by Cyrille Obermüller

Mix by Dré Pallemaerts

Video by Kim Vreys (Bucho Video Productions)

00:07 Awakening

04:30 There, There

09:39 Keep It Simple

15:46 April Showers

21:04 M.

26:05 Park Party


"Jeroen Reggers Quartet: van delicaat tot vette groove" 

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