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Jeroen Reggers is a Belgian guitar player and composer. 

He's played with different bands and projects and although Jeroen likes and plays a broad range of genres, his passion for improvisation is a key element in most of his projects.

He leads his own quartet with Gert-Jan Dreessen on drums, Nic Thys on bass and Steven Delannoye on saxophone. At the moment he's also playing in an Antwerp based fusion band, called Unfinished Business, in bass player Martijn Vanbuel's project 'Forbid Oaks' and YENTL, a band that plays the beautiful music of vocalist Yentl Verborgt. 

Jeroen Reggers picked up his first guitar at the age of 8 and he immediately found a huge passion in playing and listening to music.


In 2012, at the age of 18, he decided to turn this passion into a profession and started his studies at the conservatory of Leuven. After three years in Leuven, he studied at the conservatory of Amsterdam for one year before graduating at the conservatory of Antwerp. During his studies his guitar teachers were Peter Hertmans, Jesse van Ruller, Martijn van Iterson and Frederik Leroux. 

During his studies Jeroen had the chance to play with some internationally acclaimed artists. He arranged for and played with the Antwerp Jazz Orchestra, featuring Joshua Redman in 2018 and Chris Potter in 2022. With his band FONS. (with Gert-Jan Dreessen and Lennert Baerts) he had the chance to play a concert featuring Logan Richardson on saxophone at Jazz Middelheim in 2018.

As a teacher Jeroen teaches at the Pentagoon Academy Tongeren, KANL and academie Grimbergen. 

Photo: Rebecca De Cavel

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