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Gert-Jan Dreessen

Gert-Jan wrote and arranged some beautiful music, which is played with an amazing line up:

Steven Delannoye // tenor Sax
Bram De Looze // piano
Jeroen Reggers // guitar
Cyrille Obermüller // double bass
Gert-Jan Dreessen // drums

Another String Quartet:

Charlotte Verdoodt // violin

Ciska Vandelanotte // violin

Katrien De Munter // viola

Trui Amerlinck // cello

Premiere of a brand new project written and led by jazzdrummer Gert-Jan Dreessen.

While living in New York City he got tons of inspiration to write new music and the influences of the city gave him the idea to write his first suite ever. This Interdisciplinary project called “Dimensions” is about the quest for a cohesion of continuously evolving musical dimensions and a blend between genres and new sounds.

For this suite Gert-Jan collaborated with some of Belgian’s finest musicians. A must-see! He was about to premiere this project at the concert hall of 30CC, Leuven, but unfortunately the concert was cancelled due to covid regulations. Instead, we decided to record a concertfilm.

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