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Jeroen Reggers Trio

Nic Thys
// bass

Gert-Jan Dreessen
// drums

Jeroen Reggers
// guitar & compositions

Guitar player Jeroen Reggers presents his trio, with Nicolas Thys on bass and Gert-Jan Dreessen on drums. 

Gert-Jan and Jeroen have known each other for quite some time and shared the stage for different projects. With bass player Nic Thys, established value in the Belgian jazz circuit, they found a shared interest in highly interactive music and immediately liked the energy they created together. 

Down below you can listen to a streaming concert the trio played at La Conserve (Leuven)

Each song of the trio creates a different atmosphere, sometimes very intimate and delicate, at other times a strong rhythmical pulse takes over. The music is inspired by a mixture of jazz musicians (like Bill Frisell) and experimental bands (like Radiohead). The result is a contemporary jazz music you have to experience live!

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